Canada: One of two knife attack suspects found dead

Canadian police said one of the suspects in the western knife attacks on Sunday was found dead on Monday in one of two areas affected by the attacks.

RCMP Deputy Commissioner Rhonda Blackmore said at a press conference that Damien Sanderson’s body was found with “many visible wounds.”

She added that his body was found in the James Smith Cree Nation, one of the nation’s indigenous cities, noting that the body was “in a grassy area, next to a house that is currently being searched.”

And a police spokesman pointed out that the second suspect, the brother of the first, named Miles Sanderson, is still in hiding and it is possible that he, in turn, has injuries and “needs treatment.”

“We can’t say for sure how Damien died, but he may have been killed by his brother.”

Since Sunday, police have mobilized hundreds of their officers to find the two brothers, who are suspected of a series of knife attacks that have left 10 people dead and 18 injured, some in critical condition, and their motives are still unknown. The police counted 13 crime scenes in hard-to-reach places in the central-western part of the country, one of which is an indigenous city.

Police said Miles Sanderson remains “at large” and poses a “threat.” “We advise people to be careful, it is considered dangerous. His actions showed that he is prone to violence,” she added. The authorities did not immediately release any information about the victims of these attacks, but most of them were indigenous people of the country.

In Canada, Aboriginal people make up about 5% of the country’s total population of 38 million, and they often live in unemployed and poor communities.

Source: AP

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