Canada.. Minister criticizes Russia’s participation in the G-20 meeting and defends his country’s return to the Russian turbine

Canadian Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland criticized Russia’s participation in the G20 ministerial meeting in Indonesia, calling it “absurd”.

“We strongly and clearly objected to the presence of Russian officials,” Freeland, who is Ukrainian by origin, said at a telephone briefing.

Before attacking the Russian delegation, Russia blamed it on the “economic consequences” the world is currently facing.

On the other hand, Freeland defended Canada’s decision to return to Germany a Canadian-maintained Russian turbine linked to Russia’s Nord Stream gas pipeline.

The minister explained that the decision was “very difficult” but “it was the right decision”, noting that “the energy challenges facing Germany and our European partners are very real and Canada understands that.”

She noted that the United States publicly welcomed this option and that Germany was clear “regarding the threat of its further support for Ukraine.”

Germany demanded that this equipment be returned to Europe, without violating the sanctions imposed against Russia, in order to avoid interrupting the flow of Russian gas.

Source: AFP.

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