Canada… huge demand for reusable toilet paper

The media report spoke of strong demand in Canada for multifunctional toilet paper, and the report stated that Canadian manufacturing company Net Zero Company had sold its inventory of the item through its website.

A Canadian company reported that about 9.8 million trees are cut down each year to produce ordinary toilet paper, in addition to bleached toilet paper (bleached toilet paper), and this causes the release of toxins into the air and water, harming humans and wildlife.

In this regard, a Canadian company has listed reusable toilet paper for sale, and this toilet paper is made from organic cotton and comes in different colors, and the company indicated that all available quantities of this item are currently sold. .

Earlier, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev said that more than half of the population of the European Union, and in some countries even two-thirds, are not ready to support sanctions against Russia, and, according to Medvedev, various initiatives are being put forward. promoted in Western countries, from savings to burning corpses, to washing toilet paper! In order to “punish Russia.”

Source: RIA Novosti

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