Can you spot the sexy problem with this photo?

TALK about erecting a controversial building. This German hotel takes hardened structures to a whole new level of wrong.

For those of you who, erm, really get into your architecture, this installation is part of the annual Ruhrtriennale Festival in Bochum, Germany.

You might think it’s just an excuse for a bunch of creative types to pop up a building that looks like two people having sex in public, but apparently there’s something much more deep, meaningful and sincere to it.

The building, dubbed ‘Domestikator’ is supposed to arouse your thoughts about man’s impact on his environment.

The creators behind the installation started working their tools in 2014 according to “looking for what they describe as “deeper layers beneath the provocative design of the artwork”.

According to “the towering figures serve as a symbol for the power of humanity, paying homage to the ingenuity and capacity of humans, but the eventual use of this power to dominate and domesticate the natural environment”.

No-one knows for sure if the square boxes at the front of the installation are representative of a human.

We’ll leave that up to you to have deep and reflective thoughts about.

However, the building does actually have some use, other than visual comedy: It re-purposes as a hotel for VIPs at the Ruhrtriennale Festival.

Part of a series called The Good, The Bad And The Ugly it will be on display until September 26.

Rookje Meijerink of Atelier Van Lieshout, the art agency behind building going up told that German locals had warmed to curious and intimate building and found it all “pretty funny”.

“The artwork pays tribute to the ingenuity, the sophistication and the capacities of humankind, to the power of organisation, and to the use of this power to dominate, domesticate the natural environment.”

Thankfully it’s not a moving piece.


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