Camerawoman fired for tripping refugees

Hungarian camerawoman trips fleeing migrant Picture: RichterSteph Source: Twitter

A CAMERAWOMAN who tripped refugees fleeing from police has been sacked by her employer, the local Hungarian news station N1TV.

Petra Lazlo was one of many members of the media filming at a camp in Roszke, Hungary, as migrants broke through a police line and ran toward the nation’s border with Serbia.

A refugee runs with a child before tripping on a TV camerawoman. Photo: REUTERS/Marko Djurica Source: Picture Media

In footage posted by a German reporter, Ms Lazlo is seen tripping a father who’s running past holding his child. The father falls onto his child as a result. She was also seen tripping a young girl.

N1TV, which is run by the anti-immigration Jobbik party in Hungary, has issued a statement on the incident, saying it fired her immediately after seeing the footage.

“The N1TV colleagues today behaved unacceptably in Roszke collection point. Our working relationship with the camerawoman has ended. The case was considered closed our part.”

Hungarian camerawoman trips fleeing migrant Photo: RichterSteph Source: Twitter

Several hundred migrants broke through police lines at Hungary’s main border crossing with Serbia, forcing police to resort to pepper spray at one point in an effort to move a group off the road.

The series of breakouts took place at a police collection point near the border crossing at Roszke, the first stop on the Hungarian side of the border.

Some 300 migrants, part of a group of 1,500 people waiting for hours at the collection point, bolted past police through a cornfield onto a train track, to walk to the nearby city of Szeged. Police later managed to persuade the group to be transported to refugee registration camps around the country.

The father is seen falling on top of a little boy he is carrying Photo: RichterSteph Source: Twitter

Later, several hundred more migrants broke out of the collection point in various groups, and walked around a kilometre along a main road.

A tense standoff ensued, during which police used pepper spray to contain the crowd before eventually transporting them by bus back to a registration camp at Roszke.

Tuesday’s disturbances were the latest in a series of incidents on EU member Hungary’s southern border with Serbia, a major entry point into the European Union for migrants and refugees fleeing war and misery in the Middle East and Asia.

On Monday, some 200 people pushed past a police line at the same collection point, with scuffles erupting throughout the day as the migrants chanted “Freedom!” After marching some 15 kilometres (nine miles) along a motorway they eventually agreed to be taken back to the registration centre by bus.

More than 165,000 migrants have crossed into Hungary so far this year. Most seek to travel on to Germany via Austria.

Hungary recently completed construction of a razor-wire barrier along its 175-kilometre (110-mile) frontier with Serbia, but it has failed to stop large numbers of people getting through.

It is currently building an additional four-metre (13-foot) fence despite widespread criticism, with France’s foreign minister saying the barrier does “not respect European values”


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