By 2023, inflation is expected to rise to 10.5% in Tunisia.

Tunisian Economy Minister Samir Saeed said today, Monday, that 2023 will be a difficult year, expecting the country’s inflation rate to reach 10.5%.

The Minister added: “We are chasing the International Monetary Fund, not the other way around. We need the reforms mentioned in the Finance Law.”

He stressed that the government has no other alternative than to go along with the fund, citing a $1.9 billion aid package to help the country meet its borrowing needs next year.

In addition, Tunisian Finance Minister Siham Bogdiri said that the government was not inactive due to the failure to reach an agreement with the International Monetary Fund in March last year, “and wages were paid, basic materials were still subsidized, and foreign loans were repaid. despite the postponement of the agreement with the fund.

She added: “Last year we did not come to an agreement because of the situation in the world, especially the war with Ukraine, but the state did not abandon its obligations.”

For his part, economist Mohsen Hassan, in a statement to local radio Mosaique, considered that the 2023 Finance Law is not a financial law, stressing that it is a collection and public accounting law and lacks an economic vision and development aspect.

Hassan emphasized that the budget for 2023 is in the range of 70 billion dinars, which is about 4 times the budget of 2010, in addition to the fact that the budget represents 40% of the gross domestic product, which is a high figure. percent compared to the rate in countries with optimal public financial management. On the contrary, the investment budget has doubled by 4.7 billion dinars.

Source: AFM Mosaic

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