Bulgaria backs down and knocks on Russia’s door for gas

Bulgarian Energy Minister Rozhin Hristov said on Friday that Bulgaria is ready to resume contacts with the Russian gas company Gazprom on natural gas supplies.

“There are no active negotiations with Gazprom yet, but the interim government has sent a notice of readiness to resume negotiations,” the minister said in an interview with the Nova TV channel.

The Minister indicated that the Bulgarian side is waiting for a response to Gazprom’s request by next Monday.

The Bulgarian minister added: “We have made it clear that we want to start or continue negotiations to clear up some of the contentious terms. We just sent information about what we are ready to discuss and asked them (Gazprom) to extend the contract.”

Sofia proposes to extend the deadline for receiving the remaining quantities under the agreement until 2023, Hristov also indicated that there is no talk of concluding a new deal.

The gas situation in Bulgaria escalated at the end of April 2022, when Gazprom stopped deliveries to the country due to the non-acceptance of the ruble payment clause, but the new Bulgarian government is ready to return to the previous supplier (Gazprom).

In early August, the chairman of the board of directors of the Bulgarian company Bulgar Gaz, Ivan Topchisky, indicated that the company was continuing negotiations with Gazprom.

Source: RT + RIA Novosti

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