British paratroopers beat a compatriot in a bar in Macedonia

British paratroopers attacked their compatriot in a bar in Skopje, North Macedonia, where they have been participating in NATO exercises since May last year.

According to the newspaper “Daily Express”, the accident occurred in the city of Skopje on May 11 this year. The Briton was drinking with his friends in one of the city’s pubs when a group of four British soldiers entered “in search of a quarrel that could be provoked.”

The victim said: “When I started talking to them, they immediately became physically and verbally aggressive and behaved the same way towards others. They were just there to find someone to fight with and hurt them.”

According to the victim, the British military police do not cooperate with the local security authorities, which delays the investigation of the incident.

The newspaper indicated that the British soldiers were part of the 16th Air Assault Brigade.

Source: RIA Novosti

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