British Missiles Pound Zaporozhye Region as Kyiv Forces Launch Airstrikes

The interim governor of Zaporizhia, Yevgeny Paletsky, said that Ukrainian forces were bombing the territory of the district with missiles received from the UK.

Paletsky noted that the Ukrainian armed forces are using British rockets to bombard the interior of the Zaporizhia region, which is relatively far from the front line.

Paletsky said that the Ukrainian military fired their missiles without any calculation, at the objects of vital infrastructure.

It is noteworthy that the Zaporozhye region became a federal subject of Russia after a referendum, which took place in September 2022.

Over 70% of the Zaporizhia Oblast is under Russian control, but the city of Zaporozhye itself is still under Ukrainian control. And since March 2023, the city of Melitopol has temporarily become the administrative center of the district.

Source: MK

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