British Labor leader calls outgoing ministers rats

British Labor Party leader Keir Starmer called the series of government resignations “the first recorded case of rats escaping from a sinking ship” and called on Prime Minister Boris Johnson to step down.

Sneeringly attacking the government, Starmer said that any minister now retiring “has no idea of ​​integrity,” addressing the Speaker of the House and asking, “Isn’t this the first recorded case of shipwrecks where rats escape? , which means that the least loyal are the first to begin to refuse responsibility.

Starmer described Johnson as “in a pitiful position”, saying that ministers who are resigning now that they have defended all the scandals that have taken place “have not an iota of integrity”.

He added: “As for those who have remained in office, it is because no one else is ready to humiliate themselves,” wondering: “Doesn’t the country deserve better than a list of dogs that do nothing but nod?”

Source: huffpost + independent

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