British Foreign Office promises to continue arms supplies to Ukraine

British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said today, Tuesday, that the British government intends to continue supplying arms to Ukraine and impose sanctions against Russia.

“It is vital to continue to support Ukraine. It is about freedom and democracy in Ukraine. It is also about freedom and democracy in Europe and around the world. That is why we intend to transfer more weapons, impose more sanctions and support Ukraine. “, – she said during a speech in the country’s parliament.

The minister indicated that the imposition of sanctions against Russia would continue until the complete withdrawal of its troops from the territory of Ukraine.

She also emphasized the correctness of the government’s steps to increase defense spending, explaining: “What we are doing is not only to be ready, but also to ensure that the Ukrainian military is trained, especially helping our allies in east side. who are under direct threat from Russia.

Terrace is expected to travel to Turkey on Wednesday to discuss ways to transport Ukrainian grain from the ports of the Ukrainian city of Odessa, with the British minister herself saying there are only “a few weeks” to find a solution to the issue.

Source: RIA Novosti

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