British exploration company announces the discovery of a new gas field in Morocco!

British company SDX announced the discovery of a gas field in Morocco after successfully drilling two wells.

The Hespress newspaper quoted the British company as saying that it had made “two new gas discoveries in Morocco following a successful campaign represented by the drilling of two wells”.

The SAK-1 well is already connected to the company’s infrastructure, and tests have shown that the gas in the area “is above the pre-drilled P50 estimate of 0.44 billion cubic feet,” the statement said.

The energy company, which has been exploring and drilling for years in the Gharb and Larache regions of Morocco, indicated that “the well opens up a new production area northwest of the company’s main well base,” noting that “many follow within the site under the name of SAK, promising objects have been identified.

The British Exploration Company said in a statement that “the KSR-20 well promises the possibility of gas availability”, noting that the well “is now subject to a pressure buildup test before it goes on stream and produces.” operations as soon as the authorized work is completed and connected to the network, with the capabilities available to it announced at the appropriate time.

The British Exploration Company itself said that on the back of these successes, it “has identified several drilling prospects”, announcing its plans to “expand its drilling campaign next year, 2023. To date, she has identified over 70 opportunities in her field of work and interventions in Morocco that she covers.” 3D seismic technologies, 25 of which are highly rated and contain 20 billion cubic feet of total P50 invulnerable resources.”

The statement quoted Mark Reed, CEO of British Energy, as saying: “We are pleased with the results of drilling and gas exploration in the SAK-1 and KSR-20 wells. Morocco remains a key area of ​​potential growth for SDX.” expressing in this context that he “looks forward to planning new drilling in 2023.

And the Hespress newspaper warned that the Moroccan authorities in charge of the energy and gas dossier “usually hesitate to comment or confirm what foreign companies operating in this field announce, given that most discoveries remain only in the category (expectations), despite frequent reports of important estimates of natural gas reserves in huge fields, whether on the coast of Larache or in the east of the kingdom.

In this regard, it was also reported that “data from the Ministry of Energy Transition and Sustainable Development indicate that about 13 companies across the Kingdom are working in the field of exploration, exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbons in a total area of ​​​​about 126,000 square kilometers.”

Source: Hespress

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