BRICS Leaders Discussing List of Countries for Formal Invitation Announcement

BRICS Leaders Discussing Expansion of Group


Anil Soklal, aide to South African President Cyril Ramaphosa, announced that BRICS leaders are discussing a list of countries that will be formally invited to join the group, to be announced on Thursday.

Discussion on Expansion

“Our leaders discussed this yesterday on the basis of the recommendations of the foreign ministers. There was a wide discussion, since expansion should take place on the basis of carefully studied positions,” Soklal told the Russian TASS news agency on Wednesday.

“Today they continued their discussions and reached a consensus on expansion. Tomorrow they will have another meeting to finalize the list of countries, and after that there will be a press conference during which President Ramaphosa will officially announce the list of countries agreed by all BRICS members. “, the official continued.

Criteria for Expansion

He emphasized that the criteria for BRICS expansion were agreed unanimously, noting that “this process has been completed, which makes it possible to complete the list of countries that will be considered as candidates for full membership.”

Soklal recalled that work on the BRICS expansion criteria has been underway since 2022.

Agreement on Principles

South African Foreign Minister Naledi Pandor announced the agreement of the BRICS countries on a document defining the principles for accepting new members of the group.

Source: TASS

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