Borrell talks about EU blocking traffic between Russia and Kaliningrad

EU High Commissioner for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell spoke about the EU’s obstruction of the movement of goods between Russia and Kaliningrad.

And Borrell said during his speech in Brussels that the steps taken by the European Union “do not constitute a blockade” of the Russian boycott.

“The situation with Kaliningrad is not a blockade. We don’t want to block traffic between Kaliningrad and Russia, but at the same time we need control to prevent EU sanctions from being bypassed. possible,” he said.

Earlier, Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Konstantin Kosachev said that Lithuania violates a number of international legal measures affecting EU obligations by starting a blockade of the Kaliningrad region.

On June 17, Lithuanian Railways notified the Kaliningrad Railway Company of the termination of the transit of a number of sanctioned goods. The Kaliningrad region has already submitted three proposals in response to Lithuania’s decision.

Source: RT

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