Borrell: China can’t meet Russia’s need for advanced technology

The head of European diplomacy, Joseph Borrell, said that Russia’s dependence on Western technology is six times greater than its dependence on Chinese technology, which will not be able to meet Russia’s needs under sanctions.

This is stated in an article by the High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy of the European Union for the Japanese newspaper Yomiuri, published today, Wednesday.

“Someone might ask if these (Western) sanctions are really affecting the Russian economy,” Borrell wrote. “The simple answer is yes. Russia exports a lot of raw materials, but it has to import a lot of high value-added products that it doesn’t produce domestically.” countries”.

He continued: “In terms of advanced technology, Russia is 45 percent dependent on Europe and 21 percent on the United States, while its dependence on China is only 11 percent.”

Borrell considered that China currently offers Russia a limited number of alternative products, especially high-tech goods, and added: “China, which is largely dependent on exports to developed countries, has not yet offered Russia any help in circumventing Western sanctions. Exports have declined. China to Russia in proportions similar to Western countries.

Source: “TASS”

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