Borrell calls for a clear European strategy for China

EU High Commissioner for Foreign Affairs and Security Josep Borrell said the EU should have a clear strategy on China.

“It is no secret that we have two different political systems, that we look at democracy and human rights differently, we have two different models of governance and we have two different visions of pluralism,” Borrell said during a session of the European Parliament. in Strasbourg on Tuesday.

He continued: “But these differences should not be an obstacle and should not prevent us from cooperating with each other.”

He added: “The realistic stance we took in 2019 needs to be underlined because it is neither naive nor anxious… It stems from the need to do business, compete and protect our values.”

“If we want to protect our interests and solve global problems such as climate change, environmental protection and health care, we must speak, work, trade and negotiate with China,” he stressed.

Borrell also stressed the need to maintain the unity of the position of the European Union in order to be able to pursue its policy towards China.

Source: Interfax

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