Borrell: African leaders and"NATO" They expressed concern about the sanctions against Russia

EU Foreign Affairs Commissioner Josep Borrell confirmed that some leaders of African and “NATO” countries have expressed concern about the sanctions against Russia.

He told a press conference after the Council of the European Union meeting in Luxembourg: “We are hearing from African leaders about the implications of our sanctions against Russia… We have sent them clarifications on how the sanctions work and who they affect. them,” noting that a number of NATO leaders have also expressed concern about the sanctions.

He noted that “Brussels will send them letters explaining their ability to deal with Russian grains and letters to banks explaining what they can do, but we cannot avoid situations in which some financial institutions decide, as happened with Iranian sanctions, for example, not to engage in trade with Russia… this is an excessive application of sanctions.”

“We must provide information to banks, transport systems and insurance companies, such situations may be, in particular, with the export of Russian grain,” he added.

He stressed that a number of countries “introduce excessive restrictions” on EU sanctions, including on the grain trade.

Source: “TASS”

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