Borrell advocates for punitive measures against India

European Union diplomacy chief Josep Borrell said the European Union should take action against India over allegations that it is refining Russian oil for sale in Europe.

Borrell added in an interview with the Financial Times: “If diesel or gasoline comes to Europe from India and is produced from Russian oil, then this is clearly a evasion of sanctions, and member states (EU) should take action.”

Borrell said: “It’s okay for India to buy Russian oil…but if they use it as a hub to refine Russian oil and sell us by-products, then we have to act.”

Borrell pointed out that any mechanism aimed at stopping the flow of Russian oil must be implemented by “national authorities.”

He continued, “If they are selling, it is because someone is buying. We have to watch who is buying.”

And fuel sanctions imposed on a number of countries against supplies from Russia came into force on February 5, as the EU banned the import of Russian oil products, and the EU and the G7 countries set a price ceiling on them. The cap is set at $100/bbl for products from Russia that trade at a premium to standard grade oil (diesel) and $45/bbl for products that trade at a discount (fuel oil). However, exceptions to the sanctions were made for a number of countries.

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