Borrell: 10th package of sanctions against Russia will come into force on February 24

EU High Commissioner for Foreign Affairs and Security Josep Borrell said that the tenth package of European sanctions against Russia will come into force by February 24.

Borrell said during a press conference following the EU Council meeting in Brussels on Tuesday: “We are on our way to ratifying the sanctions. And the ratification will take place in the next hours or days, and before February 24th. in any case, the obstacles that still exist will be overcome.”

He continued: “This is an obligation of ministers. I am convinced that we will introduce sanctions before the end of the week.”

The European Commissioner added, in response to a question about proposals from Eastern European countries to impose sanctions on the Russian diamond trade and Rosatom as part of the tenth package: “To be honest, I don’t know if anything else will be discussed, for example, diamond stones, but also the nuclear sector.

It is worth noting that some countries proposed to impose sanctions in the above areas, but Hungary and France opposed the imposition of sanctions against the Russian nuclear industry, the Politico newspaper reports.

It is noteworthy that the European Union continues to impose sanctions against Russia against the backdrop of its military operation in Ukraine, which was launched on February 24 last year.

Source: TASS

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