Boris Johnson: I’m leaving with my head held high

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said he will leave office “with his head held high” as his Conservative Party began a gradual process of reducing the number of candidates to replace him from eight to two.

Faced with MPs in the House of Commons, Johnson said he was “proud” of his result. “It is absolutely true that I am leaving at a time that I did not choose … but I am leaving with my head held high,” he said with regret during the impeachment hearing.

Johnson appeared before the House of Commons in one of his last parliamentary interrogations as Prime Minister before announcing his successor on 5 September after thwarting an opposition attempt to oust him before that date.

On Wednesday, Labor sought a vote of no confidence in the House of Commons against Johnson, saying the United Kingdom could not afford weeks of internal strife in the Conservative Party due to a livelihood crisis and other issues such as the war in Ukraine.

But the government refused to provide a space for discussion of labor activity, which constitutional experts called unprecedented.

Conservative lawmakers are set to cut the number of eight candidates who made it through Tuesday’s primary, with the results expected around 1600 GMT on Wednesday.

Any candidate out of eight who does not receive 30 votes is eliminated. There will be several voting processes that will last until next week to limit the race to two candidates. The final race is decided by a vote of party members.

Source: AFP

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