Bolsonaro gives testimony in Saudi Arabian jewelry case.

The Brazilian newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo reported that former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro testified in a case involving jewelry he received from Saudi Arabia.

The newspaper quoted Bolsonaro’s lawyer as saying that the former president did not know anything about the jewelry confiscated by the Brazilian tax authority until 14 months after it was confiscated.

Bolsonaro said that after he learned about the case in December 2022, he sought to verify the information in order to avoid a diplomatic scandal in the event that these jewels, which are gifts from the Saudi side, are auctioned off.

We are talking about jewelry found in the possession of a minister in the Bolsonaro government after the return of an official delegation from Saudi Arabia in 2021.

The jewelry, worth about 3 million euros, was confiscated and was intended for Bolsonaro’s wife, then First Lady Michelle Bolsonaro.

Later it turned out that Bolsonaro also received gifts, and the Financial Inspectorate ordered him to hand over these jewels to the tax authorities.

Jair Bolsonaro is currently believed to be a witness in the case, but he could face charges of possible embezzlement because he received the jewels while he was a government official, taking advantage of his official position.

Earlier, the Financial Inspectorate also ordered him to return other gifts he received from the United Arab Emirates to the President’s office.

The authorities intend to review all gifts Bolsonaro received during his tenure as president, since the head of state in Brazil does not have the right to keep gifts whose value is above a certain limit.

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