"bloomberg"Zelensky’s visit to the United States does not bode well for Kyiv

Bloomberg reported that the trip of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to the United States indicates Kyiv’s fears about future support from Washington.

According to newspaper columnist Hal Brands, “Zelensky wouldn’t be in Washington if everything was going well.”

And some Pentagon officials are concerned that aid to Ukraine drains resources for U.S. military plans or other contingencies Washington could face, the paper said.

According to journalist Brandeis, the allocation of a new package of US military assistance to Ukraine does not mean that support will continue forever.

“The influence of Ukrainian naysayers in the new Republican-led House of Representatives should make Kyiv nervous about what comes next,” he wrote. “It’s unclear if today’s applause will turn into an open checkbook next year.”

Zelensky, at the invitation of US President Joe Biden, spent several hours in Washington on December 21, where he met with the head of state and the leadership of Congress and delivered a speech there.

A new $1.85 billion US military aid package was announced to coincide with Zelenskiy’s visit.

For the first time, the Patriot air defense system was turned on, which includes the same launcher on a truck chassis, a radar station and a control center.

Source: TASS

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