"Bloomberg"The richest people in the world are losing $1.4 trillion, and Elon Musk is losing $62 billion.

Bloomberg reported that the world’s richest billionaires lost $1.4 trillion in the first half of this year, the biggest half-year loss ever.

The agency reported that Elon Musk’s net worth was down $62 billion, Jeff Bezos’ net worth was down $63 billion, and Mark Zuckerberg’s net worth was more than halved ($65.5 billion).

It says the world’s 500 richest people lost $1.4 trillion in the first half of 2022, a staggering drop that represents the biggest six-month decline in the history of the global billionaire category.

And Bloomberg pointed out that this sharp decline came after the increase in wealth during the previous two years, when governments and central banks launched unprecedented stimulus measures in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, which led to an increase in the value of all assets of technology companies. to cryptocurrencies.

The report pointed out that the decision of central banks to raise interest rates to fight inflation led to a fall in the share prices of most international companies and, as a result, to the rapid decline in the wealth of billionaires who own huge blocks of shares in them.

In context, he stated that Tesla’s share price posted its worst quarterly performance in the second quarter of 2022, but the largest shareholder, Elon Musk, is still the richest person in the world with a net worth estimated at around $208.5. billion, and just behind Jeff Bezos with $129.6 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

In third place were billionaire Bernard Arnault, France’s richest man, owner of Louis Vuitton, with a fortune of $128.7 billion, and Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, with a fortune of $114.8 billion.

At the beginning of this year, these four wealthy men each owned more than $100 billion and were in the top four positions on the list of world billionaires, but only the founder of Facebook was the one whose fortune fell to $60 billion at the end of the first half of this year to lower his ranking to center is 17 at present.

As for Changping Zhao, the founder and CEO of Binance, who appeared on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index in January with an estimated net worth of $96 billion, his net worth fell $80 billion amid digital asset turmoil, recording the highest loss among the world’s richest people. . .

Source: Bloomberg Agency.

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