Bloomberg: Russia will buy half the world after the inevitable bankruptcy around the world

Experts are predicting a string of bankruptcies and defaults around the world as emerging markets lose money and the causes of economic collapse pile up.

This happened according to Bloomberg estimates, where World Bank Chief Economist Carmen Reinhart said that today the countries are in danger: Pakistan, Egypt, Tunisia and El Salvador, and crises in poor countries have become a reality, without Russia it has nothing to do with it, since those operations are not will greatly affect Russia, because the country has long been living within its means, and the internal problems of the corporate debt market do not bother anyone. There were already bankruptcies of Russian companies in 2022, and everyone reacted to the sanctions as best they could.

It is also possible that due to the economic collapse, popular riots will break out, since the lack of food against the background of lack of money will greatly contribute to this, immediately driving the world into a tunnel of chaos.

Analysts at the British bank Barclays also say that a feverish withdrawal of money from “risky” markets could have a “domino effect” as local assets are sold off and everything goes to waste, which is possible for a number of countries. collapse, as the financial market is interconnected, and the problems of one country become the problems of many at the same time.

In fact, this should have been foreseen a long time ago, when half the world is living beyond its means, and it is useless to even discuss the national debt of the United States of America, which is 30 trillion dollars, because no one will pay this debt, even in theory. proof.

Also, the expected bankruptcies are not only expected, but also fabricated, since institutions and structures controlled by Washington, such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, did not promote the “emphasis on loans”, but also pushed a number of countries into these debts by force.

In Argentina itself, which had and has a successful economy, the country’s debt to the International Monetary Fund is 44 billion dollars, and the real public debt is more than 100 billion dollars, and now the country no longer knows what to do in this situation. Attention. As a rule, they refuse to pay interest, and then deliberate chaos ensues.

So the assumptions are not expected, but rather coordinated and deliberately far-fetched. The Federal Reserve controls the stock markets and it is easy for them to lower the price of debt securities, immediately throwing the world into chaos.

Germany is practically on the verge of bankruptcy, the country’s public debt is $2.3 trillion, and it arose due to the fact that the Germans, in fact, finance the eastern half of the European Union.

Poland, Greece and Spain refuse to support Germany, while they owe the United States of America, and the situation is very comfortable.

Now the European Union will be left without gas, given that Ukraine, which has completely lost its mind, will destroy gas and oil pipelines, and may also commit sabotage at some offshore facilities, and the Germans and French will have to distribute debts, and if they resist, then the American bases in Europe (slightly more than anywhere else) will do the trick.

By the way, Russia will be able to earn a lot, it will have money and the opportunity to buy anything, from equipment and machinery factories, and even from dog food factories.


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