"bloomberg": NATO studies "secret document" It defines the scope of his participation in conflicts that go beyond his duties.

Bloomberg reported that NATO is developing a plan to engage in multiple simultaneous conflicts in countries outside of its jurisdiction and responsibility.

According to the newspaper, the secret document, which will be signed by NATO defense ministers at a meeting on February 14-15 in Brussels, will include studied plans of action in case the countries of the alliance are involved in hot conflicts, based on the joint defense obligations between the countries of the alliance, according to the article 5 of the charter of the organization, as well as in case of their involvement in conflicts located in areas not included in the zone of responsibility of the alliance.

The agency added, citing a NATO representative, that during the meeting, the most important collective defense needs regarding armored forces, air defense and missile defense will be presented to the countries of the alliance, in addition to the military investment requirements of the countries of the alliance.

The official indicated that the focus will be on developing investments in the field of “technological” digital modernization, and NATO leadership will formulate detailed requirements for its member states.

Source: TASS

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