"Bloomberg": "friends of Putin" They live in the homes of many Europeans

In an article published by Bloomberg, journalist Javier Blas said that many Europeans are forced to abandon old electrical appliances in their homes because of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

He added: “Your old refrigerator loyal to Vladimir Putin. Get rid of it!”

The journalist explained his words by the fact that old household appliances consume more electricity. He noted that the provision of electricity is linked to the provision of natural gas – most of the electricity in Europe is generated by burning gas, and it is better to supply it in the winter when it is needed to heat houses.

The article emphasizes that household electrical appliances consume a particularly large amount of energy.

The journalist believes that the refusal to use old refrigerators, ovens and washing machines will help reduce dependence on Moscow, because Europe imports most of its gas from Russia.

Source: RIA Novosti

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