"Bloomberg" Do you expect Germany to lose its leadership role in the European Union?

Writing for Bloomberg, journalist Maria Tadeo predicted that Germany would lose its dominant position in the European Union.

The journalist believes that the reason for this lies in the energy crisis that arose as a result of sanctions against Russia.

“For more than a decade, Berlin has held the highest moral and financial authority in the European Union, setting its own policies and playing the bad cop against the weaker economies of Southern Europe,” the article says. “But the energy crisis has changed and changed things.”

The journalist believes that today Germany may lose its leadership position in favor of the countries of the south of the European Union. According to her, the main drawback of the German economic model is its dependence on Russia.

The article added: “As Berlin struggles to recover from the shock, southern Europe is showing more energy and determination. This is not retaliation for Germany’s austerity regime, but rather a realignment of forces that could ultimately make the EU healthier.”

Source: RIA Novosti

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