Blinken warns of the dangers of the decision "Taliban" Banning women from working in NGOs

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken warned that the Afghan Taliban government’s ban on women working in humanitarian organizations would disrupt the distribution of aid and would have dire consequences for Afghans.

The Taliban had previously ordered all local and international NGOs in Afghanistan to fire their female employees.

Blinken tweeted: “I am deeply concerned that the Taliban’s ban on women’s participation in the distribution of humanitarian aid in Afghanistan will undermine important and life-saving aid to millions of people. Women play a central role in humanitarian operations around the world. This decision could have dire consequences.” For the Afghan people.

Earlier, Afghan media reported that the Ministry of Higher Education under the Taliban government ordered to suspend the education of female students in private and public universities in Afghanistan.

The Minister of Higher Education of Afghanistan said that the education of girls in secular universities is contrary to the laws of Islam and Islamic traditions.

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