Blinken: Prospects for renewing Iran nuclear deal seem unlikely in the short term

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said Iran’s reaction to the EU’s proposal to renew the nuclear deal with it makes it unlikely that a deal could be reached in the short term with Tehran.

Blinken added at a press conference in the Mexican capital Mexico City on Monday that Iran has taken a step back in talks with the P5+1 on the possibility of restoring the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action in its entirety, so that a nuclear deal agreement is unlikely in the short term.

He continued: “It appears that Iran is either unwilling or unable to do what is necessary to reach an agreement.”

The American diplomat said that Tehran continues to try to introduce strange moments into the negotiation process, which makes it unlikely that an agreement can be reached.

Earlier, the White House confirmed that the United States is ready for all scenarios related to the success or failure of the nuclear agreement.

“We have made it very clear that we intend to make sure that Iran does not have nuclear weapons, and this is our ultimate goal,” he added.

Source: agencies

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