Bizarre Twitch Trend: Streamers Locking Themselves in Closets for Subathons

Strange Twitch Trend: Subathons

On Twitch, there is a growing trend among streamers to do increasingly bizarre things to capture and maintain attention. This trend has become more widespread with the emergence of subathons – events where streamers extend their broadcasts based on the number of subscriptions they receive during that time.

The subathon phenomenon first gained widespread attention in 2021 with Ludwig, a popular streamer, who streamed for a record-breaking 31 days and gained a massive number of subscribers. During this marathon stream, Ludwig documented his daily activities, including sleeping, cooking, and of course, gaming.

However, some streamers have taken this trend to extreme levels. Recently, one streamer went as far as locking themselves in a closet for three days as part of their subathon. Unsurprisingly, this experiment turned out poorly, and the streamer was forced to end the broadcast prematurely.

Streamer’s Closet Lockdown for Donations

This particular streamer took their subathon to an extreme by voluntarily confining themselves in a dark closet, allowing viewers to torment them. Over the course of three days, the streamer endured various forms of torture, including flashbangs, water jets, ping-pong balls, and even a leaf blower directed towards them.

However, after precisely 49 hours of continuous streaming, the streamer reached their breaking point and tearfully emerged from the closet. They revealed that the conditions inside the closet made it impossible to sleep or even breathe comfortably.

It’s worth noting that this streamer is not the only one who has had to abruptly end their subathon. Another streamer named Fousey recently had to prematurely halt their live stream and was even hospitalized as a result. While this trend may have its dedicated followers, it is by no means unanimously supported.

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