Bild newspaper: German shopping centers have begun to partially shut down escalators

The Bild newspaper reports that the first shopping centers in Germany began today, on Saturday, to stop the operation of some escalators as part of energy-saving measures.

The newspaper reported that supermarket chains Sathorn and Karstadt had begun restricting the use of escalators in their stores, but did not provide any details.

“We are starting to save energy on lighting and escalators. We do this as much as possible so as not to overload customers, ”quotes Miguel Mullenbach, president of the Galeria-Kaufhof business group, in the newspaper.

On August 24, the German government approved winter energy saving measures that will reduce gas consumption by 2-2.5%.

The measures include lowering the temperature in heated offices and public facilities from 20 to 19 degrees Celsius, stopping outdoor billboards, and lighting buildings and monuments outside from 22:00 to 06:00.

In addition, store owners will not be able to keep the doors open for an extended period of time to prevent heat from escaping.

Source: TASS

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