Biden’s first comment since McCarthy’s election as Speaker of the US House of Representatives

Today, Saturday, US President Joe Biden congratulated Republican Kevin McCarthy on his election as Speaker of the US House of Representatives and called on him to “govern responsibly and for the benefit of Americans.”

President Biden said in a statement, “I am ready to work with Republicans whenever possible, and voters have made clear that they expect Republicans to be willing to work with me.”

“The time has come to govern responsibly,” he added.

Today, Saturday, Republican Representative Kevin McCarthy won the required number of votes to be elected as the new speaker of the US House of Representatives after 15 rounds of voting.

According to the results of the vote, which was shown by most American television channels, McCarthy scored 216 votes, and his Democratic opponent Hakim Jeffreys received the support of 211 members of the House of Representatives, while 6 deputies chose not to vote for anyone.

Source: AFP.

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