Biden’s actions in Puerto Rico raise controversy and suspicion

A video clip of US President Joe Biden sparked controversy among Twitter users after he made bizarre movements that raised suspicions about his health while on a business trip to Puerto Rico.

The footage posted on the account of the Republican National Committee (RNC) shows Biden stopping on his way to the podium, looking at the ground, looking for something with his eyes and looking around in confusion.

Commenting on the video posted by the RNC, netizens wondered if Biden was okay, with one saying, “I’m worried about him. With such a schedule and load, it must be very difficult for him. Will he survive?

Another said: “It seems dangerous, he suddenly fell into a state of great confusion.”

One of the pioneers stressed: “This is bad, Biden needs more rest. This job is not for him.”

Biden and his wife Jill traveled to Puerto Rico, hit by Hurricane Fiona.

Source: RT

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