Biden: Semiconductor manufacturing is a matter of national security

US President Joe Biden, during the opening of a semiconductor plant site in Ohio (East), considered that the production of these electronic components is a matter of “national security”, especially in the face of Chinese ambitions.

“It’s all in the interest of our economy and also in the interest of our national security,” Biden said on a website where Intel plans to invest a whopping $20 billion.

While praising the recent law passed on his initiative to provide $52 billion in subsidies to revive semiconductor manufacturing, Biden said the move comes in the context of intense competition between China and the United States.

“No wonder… that the Chinese Communist Party actively tried to rally the American business community against this law,” he said.

Biden stressed that the United States will need advanced electronic components “for future weapons systems that will increasingly rely on electronic chips.”

“Unfortunately, we do not currently manufacture any of these advanced semiconductors in America,” he added.

And the US president’s visit has taken on a pronounced electoral character with the approach of the midterm elections in November.

Source: AFP.

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