Biden: Presidents can take some important items home with them depending on the circumstances

US President Joe Biden has said he sometimes allows the commander in chief to take confidential documents home with him, depending on the nature of those documents.

Biden’s statement came in response to questions about the federal investigation into the storage of potentially classified material at former US President Donald Trump’s Florida resort residence.

Asked if it’s acceptable for the president to take important items home, Biden replied, “Depending on the circumstances, for example, I have a closed cabin in my house away from the place, which is perfectly safe, and I’ll take it home with me.” Today I have a daily briefing of the president, which is closed, the military is with me, and I will read it, re-close it and give it to the army.”

“Protocols for handling sensitive information depend on the type of document and the security of the viewport,” he added.

The comments followed the publication of a planned affidavit that was used to justify a raid on former US President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort home as part of an investigation into alleged mishandling of sensitive defense information.

Source: American media

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