Biden playfully predicts Ukraine’s NATO membership in just over an hour

US President Joe Biden, in response to how close Ukraine is to joining NATO after the end of the crisis, said that Kyiv would join the alliance in an hour and twenty minutes.

Today, Wednesday, Biden and Zelensky held a bilateral meeting on the sidelines of the NATO summit in Vilnius. During a brief part in the presence of the media, the journalist asked Zelensky about the proximity of the end of the armed conflict with Russia and his desire to see his country in NATO.

The President of the United States jokingly replied: “An hour and 20 minutes. You guys are asking meaningful questions.” “The United States has repeatedly made it clear at the official level that they see Ukraine’s future in NATO,” he added.

In addition, at the same meeting, the US President also jokingly stated that Kyiv has no salvation from Washington. Biden told Zelensky: “Thank you for what you are doing. Bad news for you, Mr. Zelensky. You can’t get rid of us, you’re stuck with us. Thank you”.

The United States is now Kyiv’s largest military and economic donor and has made it clear on several official occasions that it intends to support Ukraine “for as long as it takes.”

Source: RT

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