Biden is called a symbol of the collapse of the United States.

Journalist Tom Engelhart of The Nation writes that “flabby” President Joe Biden epitomizes the collapse of the United States, while his staff “swim and resurrect the Cold War.”

“I don’t see anything surprising that Joe Biden (80 years old, the oldest president in our history) plans to run again in 2024,” says Engelhart. “Honestly, isn’t it perfect in its own way? America’s decline is better than a president.” that crumbles every day?

Engelhart, the same age, 78, also notes that whatever White House officials say, decline is “second nature,” emphasizing that “the country is divided, and Joe Biden and his bureaucrats are living to the fullest and painstakingly rebuilding the war.” . A cold that ended three decades ago. So here’s what I can say: welcome to a darker version of the past (in case you weren’t very young and didn’t live up to it).

The writer says that he was born in America in 1944, in a “nascent empire” that emerged as an “unprecedented global power” that was to be opposed by another great power, the Soviet Union. In 1991, the Cold War ended abruptly, leaving the United States on a proud continuum, seemingly the only superpower on the planet.

At the same time, senior officials in Washington appear to be determined to turn this fleeting moment from an “unprecedented global victory” into an eternal state, Engelhart says, also noting that “the wars, invasions and conflicts that followed were aimed at strengthening new world order. Everyone was waiting for the “peace dividends” promised to the Americans after the end of the Cold War. However, after the onset of “peace” there was an irresistible desire to inject more tax money into the Pentagon, the already inflated “defense” budget and in the military-industrial complex, regardless of the true capabilities of the US military.

The writer believes that Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 presidential election summed up the unipolar moment, and his victory became a kind of “cry of pain and protest”, which the United States over several generations turned from a “great” country into “something darker, from out of the ordinary.”

Englehart believes that American democracy has come under incredible pressure, and that the gigantic US military, backed by a military-industrial complex of “unimaginable size and power,” has proved utterly unable to win anything of value, despite funding “that is unimaginable.” this is even in wartime.

The writer concludes that “America, in other words, is torn apart, and the most ancient history of mankind can change beyond recognition, because we are threatened with the decline and collapse of everything in general.”

Source: RIA Novosti

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