Biden canceled some tariffs on Chinese imports "nearly"

US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimundo said Biden may soon lift some US tariffs on Chinese imports, although any action must not harm US workers.

“The President is in the process of making this decision, so we are briefing him, and I expect him to make a decision soon,” Raimundo was quoted by Bloomberg news agency in an interview with NBC.

Biden has considered easing some of the tariffs on China that were introduced some time ago under former President Donald Trump’s administration.

Last week, senior US and Chinese officials discussed US economic sanctions and tariffs.

Unions and some senior officials, including trade representative Katherine Tai, support keeping the tariffs in place, which they say gives the United States leverage in negotiations with China.

Others, such as US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, are calling for tariff cuts on Chinese goods to help curb inflation and lower consumer prices for everyday goods.

Source: db a

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