Between Qatar and Egypt Al-Soma fluctuates due to family reasons

According to a Saudi newspaper, the management of the Saudi football club Al-Ahly approved the official offer of the Qatari football club Al-Arabi to use the services of the Syrian striker Omar Al-Soma.

Veteran scorer Omar Al Soma, 33, was named after leaving Al Ahly Jeddah this summer after being relegated from the professional league to the first division for the first time in their history.

According to Saudi press reports, Omar Al Soma has received many tempting offers to leave Al Ahli during this summer Mercato from Gulf and Egyptian clubs led by Al Arabi, Emirati Al Wahda, Kuwaiti Qadisiyah and Al Masri. Al-Borsaidi, after Al Raqa’s board of directors opened the door for the striker to leave, especially in light of her desire to cut costs and high salaries for most stars.

Al-Ektisadiyah explained that the management of the Al-Ahli club agreed to a financial proposal presented to him by the Al-Arabi club worth two million dollars, and only Omar al-Soma’s official approval remained.

And she said: “Al-Soma doubts the offer because he prefers to stay in Saudi Arabia near his family, and they are trying to convince him to accept the offer.”

The newspaper also reported that the Al Ahly administration had signed Argentinean Lisandro Alzohari, Ecuadorian player Catulima for one season with the possibility of an extension for another season based on the recommendations of the technical staff in the team led by Uruguayan Robert Siboldi.

Sources have indicated that the contract value of the Argentine player, who scored 15 goals with his team last season and scored six more goals, is worth two million euros between the player’s rights and his club.

Al-Ektisadiya also pointed out that the Turkish team Fenerbahçe included the Macedonian left-back Ezyan Aleski on loan to the Al-Ahly club without the “upscale” receiving any compensation, since the Turkish team will bear the player’s salary, especially since his contract with the Saudi club extends the 2024 season after he signed a three-year contract, one year of which has elapsed.

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