Bethesda Has Made The Official Announcement That Mighty Doom Will Soon Be Available

Mighty DOOM is a cute, vibrant, top-down exploration of the universe created particularly for mobile devices and features rogue-lite gameplay. It has been making the rounds in homes for years. The game initially arose in rumors in 2020 and later in early-access test phases in 2021.


Bethesda has officially dropped the covers on the game by posting a brief, snappy teaser and announcing that Mighty DOOM will be available on mobile devices on March 21st.

It is a DOOM game in the palm of your hand, scaled down and made to seem cute, but at its core, it is unmistakably DOOM. In Mighty DOOM, players take on the role of Mini Slayer, a large-headed recreation of the famous DOOM Slayer who appears as an animated action figure with two main objectives:

  • Kill every demon.
  • Daisy, save your pet rabbit.

Yeah, it is the game’s actual objective.

Mighty DOOM won’t impress fans of the intense, visceral popular franchise with its attractive graphics, which show every famous demon from the DOOM series in a smaller, prettier form. Even so, it’s a fun enough game for players who are always on the go and prefer lighthearted run-and-gun action.

Bethesda Has Made The Official Announcement That Mighty Doom Will Soon Be Availabl e_

Bethesda just released the following trailer, and it also just went live with pre-registration:

If this game appeals to you, you should pre-register on the Bethesda website. The Little Slayer’s pack, overflowing with things to get you started on your Demon-slaying trip, will be your prize and won’t cost you anything.

Since Mighty DOOM is a free-to-play game, in-app purchases support it, which will irritate some people. Although it’s nothing new and similar to how Bethesda’s Fallout Shelter has operated for years, that is the way of most free-to-play games.

So it’s time to go save that bunny.

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