Berlin: Reducing Russian gas supplies to us is an economic attack on Europe

German Economy and Climate Minister Robert Habeck said that the reduction in Russian gas supplies to Europe via the Nord Stream gas pipeline is “an attack aimed at creating chaos in the European energy market.”

In a speech to energy executives, he said, “What we saw last week has a different dimension.”

He added: “The reduction in gas supplies (through Nord Stream) is an attack on us … an economic attack on us.”

For its part, the Russian company Gazprom last week warned that it was “forced to stop the operation of the pump of the German company Siemens in Nord Stream due to the need for maintenance.”

It states that “as of June 16, it will pump no more than 67 million cubic meters of gas per day to Europe.”

After that, gas prices on the ICE exchange began to rise, fixing $1,301.2, an increase of 24.7%.

Source: AFP + News

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