Bennett: I wish Lapid success in his sacred mission

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and Foreign Minister Yair Lapid held a joint press conference after agreeing to dissolve the Knesset and appoint the latter prime minister, with Bennett wishing Lapid well.

Bennett said: “We have agreed to dissolve the Knesset and go to early elections during which Lapid will be prime minister of the transitional government,” noting that “these are difficult times, but we have made the appropriate decision for Israel.”

Bennett confirmed that he supports Lapid and “I hope he succeeds in this sacred mission,” adding: “When we exit the election in a few months, problems will remain. We must confront high prices, Iran and Hamas.”

He noted that “we began our task of reform a year ago and will continue to do so”, emphasizing that “we must return to the unity of Israel and not be threatened by the force of oppression.”

And Israeli media have reported that an agreement has been reached between Bennett and Lapid to put forward legislation to dissolve the Knesset and move Israel’s election date next week for Lapid to become prime minister during a transitional period, according to a rotation agreement with Bennett who will host the American president. Joe Biden during his visit next month.

Source: RT

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