Belgians complain about "drunkenness and disrespect" Ukrainian refugees

The RTBF channel reported that residents of Belgium began to complain about “drunkenness and disrespect” from Ukrainian refugees.

The channel reported that a number of Flemish municipalities have reported that more and more local residents who used to host Ukrainian refugees in their homes are now calling for alternative accommodations for them.

She explained that the reason for this situation is partly due to the beginning of the summer season, as many residents planning a vacation “frankly do not want to leave their homes in the hands of refugees.” Therefore, the Federation of Flemish cities and municipalities, including the municipalities of Kranem, Zavungam and Wizimbek Abem, called on the federal authorities to take any measures, otherwise a number of Ukrainian refugees “may end up on the street.”

The channel added that the arrival of summer was not the only reason for this change, noting that there are also stories of disagreements or even the need to reform personal lives. The mayor of Wissembek-Upema, Frederic Petit, even goes so far as to say some bad things. Betty mentions, among other things, drunkenness or disrespect and decency.”

The Belgian government had previously promised that the stay of refugees in the homes of local residents would be temporary. Flemish families pledged to provide Ukrainians with housing for 3 months, but this period has already expired.

In addition, local municipalities believe that they have done their best to organize refugee reception centers on their own, but their capacity is still limited and the support provided by the regional government is still insufficient.

Source: RIA Novosti

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