Belgian Grand Prix. Verstappen takes first place and tops the standings

Dutch Red Bull driver Max Verstappen won the Belgian Grand Prix, the 14th round of the Formula 1 World Championship, on Sunday.

The defending champion, who started in 14th place after being penalized, was well ahead of his closest rival, Mexican teammate Sergio Pérez, who finished second in today’s race and overtook Ferrari’s second-placed Charles Leclerc, who failed to finish. above the fifth. .

And the podium was completed by another Ferrari Ferrari, the Spaniard Carlos Sainz, who started from first place, finishing third.

Here is the ranking of the top ten Belgian Grand Prix drivers in the Formula 1 World Championship:

1- Max Verstappen (Netherlands/Red Bull) – 1.25:52.894 hours

2- Sergio Perez (Mexico/Red Bull), 17.841 seconds ahead of the leader

3rd Carlos Sainz (Spain/Ferrari), 26.886 seconds back

4th George Russell (Great Britain/Mercedes), 29.114 seconds back

5- Charles Leclerc (Monaco/Ferrari), 1:14.936 min.

6- Fernando Alonso (Spain/Alpine region), 1:13.256 min.

7- Esteban Ocon (France/Alpine region) 1:15.640 min.

8- Sebastian Vettel (Germany/Aston Martin), 1:18.107 min.

9- Pierre Gasly (France/Alvatore-Red Bull) 1:32.181 min.

10- Alexander Albon (Thailand/Williams) 1:01.900 min.

Source: AFP.

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