Beijing collaborates with Russia on Nord Stream explosion investigation project development

Deputy Representative of Russia to the UN Dmitry Polyansky said that China participated in the development of a Russian draft resolution on opening an international investigation into the bombing of the Nord Stream gas pipeline.

“The Chinese have joined in drafting the text, and other countries may appear there,” Polyansky wrote in a Telegram message on Thursday.

He pointed out that Moscow had been working on the text for a month, and the experts removed all controversial points in order to make it acceptable to partners who take a constructive position.

He added that the Western countries, which refused to participate in the development of the resolution, left no arguments against the draft resolution, except for the only one, which refers to the need for an investigation in connection with the reliability of the information provided by Denmark, Sweden and Germany.

Polyansky pointed out that Russia “has no reason to trust this information.”

It is noteworthy that a vote on the Russian draft resolution, which includes a call for UN Secretary-General António Guterres to form a commission to investigate the incident with the bombing of the Nord Stream gas pipeline, is scheduled for March 27.

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