Before it starts tonight.. 7 Amendments to the English Premier League

The 2022/23 Premier League season, which kicks off on Friday against Arsenal and Crystal Palace, will see a number of rule changes.

And the English Premier League decided to make 7 amendments to the championship before the wheel of competition spun.


Although two seasons ago, during the coronavirus pandemic, clubs were allowed to make 5 substitutions per match, last season in the Premier League the rules were returned to normal (3 substitutions).

However, throughout the season, many coaches complained that they could not make more substitutions during matches to allow more players to participate and maintain the team’s fitness level, and as a result, five substitutions were allowed during matches.

audio recordings

The English Premier League has announced that from the new season it will publish audio recordings between the main referee of each match and the video referee (VAR).

This will increase the level of excitement and encourage more spectator involvement in the matches, as the spectator will be able to understand the decisions of the referees and how to take them.

winter holiday

With the start of the Winter World Cup in November, the Premier League will come to a halt mid-season for the first time in history before ending its competition once the World Cup is over.

The English Premier League will stop for 40 days, from November 14 to December 25, before returning to the expected holiday period.

There will also be one international break in the autumn, in September, instead of the usual three, and the group stages of European competitions will end in early November.

ball picker

10 ready-to-use balls will be provided (one at the fourth referee and eight around the field) to prevent wasting time during matches, which sometimes happens with the ball carrier looking for the ball to give it to the player when the main ball is gone outside of the court.

Those outside the goal will be placed in a designated area so they cannot disrupt the goal line technology.

Ban fans

In English football, stricter rules will apply to fans entering the pitch this season, whether it honors the winning team or insults an opposing player.

Fans will be given an immediate ban from entering the stadium, and fans found guilty of possessing candles or fireworks will face harsher penalties in addition to prosecution.

Goalkeeper position

Goalkeepers will now be able to stand behind the goal line in front of a penalty to increase save momentum, as previously they had to stand with one foot on the goal line when taking the kick.

kneeling movement

Premier League players will stop kneeling (an anti-racist movement supported by Black Lives Matter) before every match in domestic competitions.

The league teams decided to stop practicing this move before matches after the 20 club leaders met because it has “lost its meaning” and the kneeling movement will be used in certain cases where it is required to counter racism and it will also be used in local final matches.

Source: Dailystar

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