"Beautiful advice" The European Union is one of the chiefs of staff of the French and Italian troops

Admiral Giuseppe Cavo Dragone, chief of staff of the Italian army, and his French colleague, General Thierry Burckhardt, pointed to the need to review the European Union’s policy on the production of military ammunition.

Both officers stressed the need to review the policy of production and storage of ammunition, which has been significantly reduced due to massive shipments to Ukraine.

Cafu Dragon said in an interview with the French Journal du Dimanche: “Indeed, the availability of ammunition has reached a critical point, but the situation is now characterized by an increase in fighting, which was unexpected but has become evident over time.”

According to the admiral, one of the solutions could be to ensure integrated production and storage at the level of NATO and EU countries. He proposed that the efforts to produce weapons and ammunition should be divided, and the production of some of the necessary weapons “in large quantities and in a very short time” should be entrusted to a European company.

For his part, the French general said: “The armies of the Western countries, including France, should reconsider their policy regarding stockpiles of ammunition. Insufficient ammo supplies are an option we can consider if we face a war of our own choosing. In the case we are talking about, a war is being imposed on us, and this proposal does not work and is invalid.

According to the French general, in the event of a war imposed by the other side, this option becomes unsecured.

According to him, in the short term, it is necessary to continue the “rationalization of support” for Ukraine so that the supplies “meet the needs” of the Ukrainian forces and can be used “as quickly as possible.”

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