Bayern respond to Barcelona’s new offer

Spanish newspaper Marca reported that Bayern Munich have turned down a new offer from Barcelona to sign Polish star Robert Lewandowski, the Bavarian striker.

Robert Lewandowski’s contract with Bayern expires in the summer of 2023.

The Polish star has announced his desire to leave the Bayern side, with many reports claiming that the striker already has an agreement with Barcelona.

According to the newspaper Marka, Bayern Munich have rejected Barcelona’s second offer of 35 million euros, in addition to the variable amount of 5 million.

The newspaper pointed out that Barcelona were already aware that Bayern had rejected the second offer, and that the Bavarian club was demanding 50 million euros to refuse the Polish striker.

The Spanish newspaper has indicated that Barcelona’s new attempt to sign Lewandowski will be next week, after activating the first economic contract to boost the Catalan club’s revenue.

Source: agencies

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