Bayern reach Moroccan deal with Barcelona

On Thursday, Bayern Munich announced the signing of Moroccan Adam Azno, a Barcelona left-back, days after the inclusion of 17-year-old Matisse Thiel.

Bayern said Thursday they have signed the 16-year-old Azno on a long-term contract and could compete with Alphonso Davies for the club’s left-back position in the future.

Bayern, the Bundesliga-winning record holder, are working to bolster their ranks with some of the world’s most outstanding young talents, but while Frenchman Thiel is training with the first team, Azno is expected to initially join the youth team.

“Adam is a talented left-back and he has a lot of attacking ability,” said Jochen Sauer, director of the Bayern youth team.

Azno, who comes from a Moroccan family, has to go to school in Munich.

“I am very happy about this transition and the opportunity to continue my education at this wonderful club,” said Azno.

The Bavarian has not yet announced details about the price of the deal for Adam Azno.

Source: “Agency”

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