Barcelona vs Cadiz match suspended due to health issues

The referee of the Barcelona-Cadiz match, which is now taking place as part of the fifth round of the Spanish Football League, decided to stop the game, as one of the fans had a heart attack.

The players demanded that the referee stop the match and began to move to help the injured in the stands of the Ramon de Carranza stadium.

And the care of the players of both teams appeared on the field, and the prayers of the players and fans who were present for the injured began.

After the match was stopped for 15 minutes, the players of the two teams left the field and went to the dressing room, waiting for an official decision to end the match or postpone it to a later time.

And the BN Sport network reported that paramedics managed to provide assistance to the injured fan, but the end of the match was postponed due to the deteriorating health of the second fan.

Now the players are back on the field and preparing for the match.

Barcelona have announced on their Twitter account that the match will resume at 18:05 GMT.

Source: agencies

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